Greek Bust

Think these colours look too modern? Think again! Pure white marble may evoke the classical world in the popular imagination, but real ancient statuary was brightly painted and ornamented. Sophia, an innovative Greek design company, have taken their palette from ancient statues and added a modern twist by using the colours as bright blocks of a single shade on each of their handmade busts of Greek philosophers and goddesses. The busts are made in a studio in Athens using a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly plaster called Ceramine, which imitates the ancient Greek recipe.

Busts available include: Socrates, Marathon Boy, Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Homer, Hygeia, Venus de Milo, Plato, Hermes and Artemis. Most (except Hermes and Artemis) come with their name and a quote written on a white plinth below the statue; you can see the exact text for each next to its photo.

Made in Greece.

Each bust approx: 16 x 7 x 7 cm



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